Thursday, 14 May 2009

OMG How Embarrassing! (come on, share a story or two!)

I'm sure we all have them ~ completely, utterly, totally, dig-me-a-hole-in-the-ground-so-I-can-hide, embarrassing moments.
They come when we least expect them (well I guess they wouldn't be so embarrassing if we could prepare for them!)

I'm going to share a funny one with you, and I hope you will share some funnies yourself!

When my friend Tiffany was here a little while ago, we were lucky enough to go swimming with wild dolphins and seals in Port Phillip Bay.

We wore wetsuits (the water was cccccold!). Long story short, when it was my turn to change in the "bathroom" on the boat, that tiny little box of a room that I couldn't find the shower in, well.... let's just say as I got the wetsuit off, and my bathing suit off, and was just getting my towel so I could dry my nekkid self off... and the "locked" door swung open! Oh yes, it did! In all my nekkid glory.... you've never seen a hand move so quickly to grab that door and shut it!!!

Thank goodness I don't ever have to see those people on the boat again! And Tiffany and her hubby were spared the "show". Not so sure about their daughter though.... think she had to put up with a flash!

Feel free to share a funny embarrassing story as a comment here, or, if you want to do a blog post about it, leave me a link in the comments box and we can share embarrassing stories together :) Think of it as a blog party of a different kind! Give us a giggle!!!

In keeping with this theme, I'll leave you with this video! Click on the play triangle to watch :)

Have an awesome end of the week!!!
Natasha xo


  1. Hi Natasha,
    One of my biggest fears is being seen naked! Sorry that happened to you.

    My most embarrassing moment happened on Valentines Day many years ago. I thought I'd be cute and text my man a rather naughty message. Well his name in my phone was right next to my bosses and unknown to me at the time I sent it to my boss! My boss came to me later that day and asked me if I intended to send him that message and showed me the message.

    The horror, I turned every shade of red and wished I could just evaporate into oblivion! I now NEVER text anything I wouldn’t want the whole world to see!

  2. One of my most embarrassing moments also includes the bathroom. My inlaws were staying in my home for a few days, which was unusual. Well, I'm not a morning person - I awoke early and in my groggy state threw open the bathroom door and there was my mother-in-law looking at me with a rather shocked expression. I'd completely forgotten they were there, but that didn't make me feel any better. Yikes!

  3. While on the third date with my husband 6 years ago at a pizza place, I excused myself to go to the bathroom, that didn't have a locking door. Ahem, yeah. Some dumb lady (you'll see why I call her dumb in a sec.) walked in on me. As if that wasn't bad enough, she came back in for a SECOND LOOK!!! What the heck?! It is not as if I was going to disappear into thin air! Maybe someday I'll forget. Please, Lord!

  4. Oh my gosh, that is mortifying for you! But oh my gosh that video is hilarious! I don't even know what to say for that girl. So funny!

  5. Oooookay. Here goes.

    On one of our trips to Puerto Vallarta I had a couple of Fiesta Punches to drink on an empty stomach. I passed out in my plate at the restaurant. Totally emptied every table in our vicinity. I came up out of the plate with hubby laughing his head off, my sunglasses were hanging off my left ear (it was an outdoor restaurant at a nice hotel next to our condo) and the waiter wiping me off. I didn't have a clue what had happened as I'd never passed out before! I told hubby I wasn't going back there for at least a week after that one so that all the people who saw me would be gone certainly by that time. It was very embarrassing, chickee!

  6. ok heres one for you. My director, who I'm always wondering what he really thinks of me.. as he doesnt often show or tell you what hes thinking, one day wanted to talk to me in his office. He asked me if I had a "sec"? and I said so very cheerfully.. "sure, I have lots of SECS!" DUH!!! We both pretended I had said nothing. but I could see the little smirk on his face and I was dying.. a few days later i was in there again and tripped over his phone cord, hopping around trying not to fall on my face and pulled his phone right off his desk, crashing loudly to the floor!!
    I still wonder what he really thinks of me!
    love your story too btw!

  7. Similiar to yours - unbeknown to me Babes and bought a new staff member home for coffee one morning, I stepped out of the shower and walked into the kitchen and gave him a full frontal - neither of us ever forgot it! LOL now!!! Rachaelxo

  8. Oh, that video is just appalling Natasha. I was wincing and cringing the whole way through her "answer".

    My most embarrasing moment was when my Dad dropped me off back at school after the day early! He was a teacher at a different school and had assumed I went back the same day. He went to work, my Mum was at work...I had to walk the 3km's home in my uniform for everyone to see.....I still feel embarrased about it!

    Thanks for sharing your moment with us...Can I just say that that story is hilarious? Hee Hee!

  9. Oh no! I'm sorry that happened to you but you just have so smile and laugh at yourself sometimes : ) Love the fun picture of them in the water. I hope you are having a wonderful week!

  10. Oh gosh Natasha - don't you just cringe at the thought of those embarrassing situations.

    I seem to have plenty to choose from too which is a worry!! Here's one that still gives the family a laugh - it happened when I was heavily pregnant with my first child. Late one very hot night I stripped naked and flopped onto our lounge while hubby was outside watering the garden. I heard someone come inside and assumed it was hubby until I heard gasps of horror... yep, my BIL and his wife had popped over unexpectedly and my husband had sent them straight in the back door. There I sat naked, big boosies, big belly and a wet washer over my face. My BIL still blushes when we mention it. At least now, 15 years later I can laugh at it.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  11. Oh wow! My most embarrassing moments are anytime I've had to sing publically. There have been a few times where I have been baited to sing in front of a group and both times was humiliating. Now I know, no matter what, I ONLY sing in the shower!
    ♥ Jen

  12. That is very embarrassing. Good thing you don't have to see them again.

    One that comes to mind is I had some lady emailing me about a cushion I had listed on ebay and she was asking me some really stupid questions and after about her 10th email I decided to forward the email to a friend to show her what this lady was asking and I said in the email this lady is a looney tunes and has no idea it must be a joke. Well stupid me didn't click forward I clicked reply and guess who read it. She didn't buy the

  13. Hi Natasha, When I was about 22 years old my boyfriend (now hubby) invited me up to his cottage for a weekend. We were car pooling with his sister Patti and her husband Al. While Al and I were loading the trunk of their car my suitcase fell out on the driveway. For some reason it wasn't zipped up right and my undies and what seemed like 50 tampons fell out and rolled all over the driveway. I had just met this man and was totally mortified. I must have turned 50 shades of red! Karen

  14. OH these stories are hysterical...

    I have two of them....

    when I was a teen we had a pool in our backyard and I was swimming with one of the guys from the neighborhood... well his face turned beet red and he pointed to a strategic area of my bod... sure nuff I was flashing this guy .... with my left boobie LOL embarrasing....!!

    The other one was when I was traveling alone and had gone to the rest room... when I came out I walked around the store trying to find some munchies before I got back on the road.... finally after a while of my wandering around this guy politely mentioned that I had something hanging out of my pants.... lo and behold a long string of TP was trailing through the store with me!! OMG !!!


  15. You are a brave, brave girl! xo, suzy

  16. so funny and look at the response! we all have those moments!

    i once used a single-stall men's bathroom at a restaurant and when there was a knock at the door i lowered my voice to sound like a man and said, "just a minute." when i exited these guys said, "hey - it was a girl inside!"

    my "red face" blog moments have been here at your blog. first, leaving you a comment signed in as my husband (you must've been like: what the?) and the second was asking if kangaroos are in everyone's backyards! LOL i thought i saw that on TV once and have even told my boys, "in australia, kangaroos are everywhere like squirrels are here."

    thanks for this fun and funny post and sharing venue!


  17. ps

    about the bathroom ... (TMI?) the ladies room was full and let's just say, i really had to go ...

  18. OH gosh these are so funny, thanks for sharing your stories! It seems embarrassing things happen to us ALL!

  19. I'm getting some good laughs here!

    Two of my stories involve McDonalds.

    I was sitting at the drive through waiting for my food, and the guy inside FINALLY came to the window and asked if I needed something. In my best smart-alec voice, I said, " food!" to which he replied, "I already gave it to you." I looked over, and there it was on my car seat. SPACE BRAIN!

    The second Mickey D's story is I was in line at the drive thru with my daughter. There was a van in front of us, and a little boy was making faces at I made a horrific one back at him. At this point, the van pulled around the curve toward the window, and I saw that it was a van that transports handicapped children. I guess the boy wasn't actually making faces at me. My daughter's response was, "Good one mom!"

    Sorry to ramble on, but I have one more that I have to share. When I was 17 and dating my ex-husband, I saw him playing a video game at the arcade in the mall...familiar black leather jacket and all. I went up behind him and helped myself to a firm handful of buttocks, at which point he turned around...and it wasn't him!!! I was so mortified, I just ran away! My girlfriend, who was with me, and I almost peed our pants laughing!

  20. By the way...that video clip of Miss South Carolina is one of my favorites ever! The poor girl! ~Lori

  21. Omigoodness! How embarrassment!!! Bet you will laugh to yourself about that for years!!!

  22. Oh boy, this one time we were in a restaurant and I banged my elbow hard on a chair and immediately started feeling very dizzy.
    My hubby Tim was sitting across from me and he said I got really pale and my head went backwards and hit the back of my chair and then I went face down right into my pancakes and syrup!!!
    When I came to, Tim and another customer were hovering over me and all I could think was, "why is my hair all sticky?" LOL!!
    Needless to say, I RACED out of that restaurant!! So don't feel bad Natasha!!! We've all been there, LOL!!! At least we didn't do it in front of millions of people like poor Miss South Carolina!


  23. omg! I forgot how funny this was!! I know it wasn't funny for you, but it was kinda funny!! besides, you are HOT, they got way more than they paid for, they would have paid big bucks in vegas for a show like that!
    xoxo, Tiffany


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