Thursday, 16 September 2010


I must have been hiding under a rock.  Last week was the first time I had heard about a small ski resort up at Lake Mountain.  I had only ever been to the snowfields once in my life, about 25 years ago….

I’ve been nagging at my husband every year to go up to the big resorts, like Mt Buller. But each time we look into it, going for a few days costs an absolute fortune!  Getting there, accommodation, ski hire, lift passes, clothes, food…. so we just haven’t been.

maroondah reservoir 15 sept 10 (8)

{Maroondah Reservoir, Healesville}

But when I found out about Lake Mountain being only a few hours drive away…. and knowing we can hire gear, supporting businesses in the fire-ravaged town of Marysville – well that just seemed a better option all round.

It was very eerie driving up to the mountain, seeing blackened trees, contrasting with the overcast white sky and rain.



The mountains were basically covered in dead sticks of trees.  This was all surrounding the town of Marysville, down in the valley. Those poor souls didn’t stand a chance….

The lady at the ski hire shop said she lost her home and her business, but she reminds herself that she is still here, and 43 local people, many she knew, are not.


We did see lots of new growth.  Lots of green leaves growing back on the eucalyptus trunks, and lots of fern cover.

And several businesses in town are operating again, albeit, many out of portable buildings.  They’re moving on, and building construction is happening all around.

Hopefully, one day soon, the town of Marysville {and all the other towns ruined by the fires} will become what they once were.  The local businesses need our support & custom.


This was the little guy’s first ever snow experience.

IMG_4591a copy

Hubby drove the winding roads up the mountain, and we were greeted by cold and wind,

it was exciting!


Seeing that it is nearly the end of snow season, and that it hadn’t snowed for 5 days up there, the snow coverage wasn’t fantastic.  But we didn’t care.


We hung around one of the toboggan areas and just rode down the hill, and trudged up the hill, over and over and over!


It was quite exhausting! But we were warm in all our padded snow gear.


Leroy had a blast!  He tried to beat Daddy in toboggan races…


And they both fell off a few times!


He made his first snow angel…


…pretended to surf the snow…


…was constantly smiling…



…and threw lots of snowballs at hubby and I!



He found a snowman {we can’t take the credit for this one} and posed with him as though Frosty was real!


We are really looking forward to going back again next year, and spending a few days there, at somewhere like this place, when it is more snowy in August.

An action filled day with many different feelings… eeriness, sadness, hope, happiness, and excitement.

We’ll definitely be back!

Natasha xo


  1. What a fantastic post and great photos ! Glad you had such a good time .

  2. Wow Natasha! What a beautiful post!!! I love all of your smiling faces and couldn't help but think Leroy was growing up so much in these photos.

    So sad seeing all of the trees like that.. wow.

    So glad you had a wonderful time at the snow! You can always come here in about February... we will probably have a few feet of it for you! oxox Heather

  3. How sad that the area was so devastated!

    I did love seeing the smiles on your 3 faces though!

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time!!

  5. Hello from Colorado, USA. I truly enjoyed seeing your photos and reading about your snow trip. I was saddened to see the fire devastation. A forest fire swept through the foothills outside of Boulder, CO, about 20 miles from my home just a little over a week ago. Many people lost their homes and livestock but thankfully the homeowners are alive. An entire mountainside of people were evacuated for several days and about a half dozen fire fighters were among those who lost their homes. The fire has been contained and we're all very happy about that.

    I love reading blogs from creative people all over the world, and learning about other countries. I, for some reason, never thought of Australia as having snow!

    Colorado's snow season starts in late October and can last through mid-May (sometimes June in the high country), so we can have snow half the year!

    Thanks for the post and take care!

  6. What an interesting post. I had never heard of Marysville and surrounding towns until the fires last year. It looks like it was such a beautiful place. I love those little country towns with their unique shops. We will visit there one day. Love your fun snow shots.

  7. Natasha what a great time you guys had. A wonderful way to support the survivors of those terrible bushfires.

  8. wow what lovely photos! Gosh I would love to have some of that cold air down here in FL. It is just too hot! Thanks for sharing your sweet refreshing photos. xo Cassandra

  9. hi natasha!

    what a wonderful post. so fun to see the great photos of you and your guys enjoying the snow but also to get a slice of life across the globe and become made aware of things, like marysville.

    thanks so much for sharing


  10. No matter how much snow there may be, it is always a joy to see the smile it brings to a child's face. Seeing the eerie trees puts me in the mood for Halloween, lol. Blessings to everyone their for fires that came. Thanks for bringing us with for a bit of your vaca!

  11. Lovely post Natasha. Sure looks like you had a ton of fun. Thanks for sharing and reminding us of Marysville xx

  12. Looks like you had a wonderful time with the family Natasha. We have often thought the same about going skiing, too expensive - it's cheaper to go to New Zealand skiing. Now how wrong is that? I have never heard of Lake Mountain either, so I have learnt something too!

  13. Isn't it sad to think about what was once there. I loved Marysville!!
    Your photos captured a wonderful family outing perfectly.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  14. Nice pictures! That looks like a lot of fun. Wish I were there too. But then again I can't stand extreme whethers.=(

  15. Hi Natasha,
    What a wonderful trip! I also grew up in a temperate clime with no snow. I remember my first snow, so have an idea of the joy your boy experienced! How fun to share it with him. Thanks for letting us see all your family's joy! And so great you could do this and benefit an area that needs help.

  16. Lovely photos, so glad you had a lovely family time and also supported the local businesses in Marysville.

  17. My family and I love the snow and every winter holiday, we make sure we go to Jindabyne to have a grand vacation. It is also the bonding time for me and the kids. We snowboard hire at the foot of the mountain so that we won't be having a hard time carrying skis and snowboards from our apartment to the mountain and back.


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