Monday, 4 July 2011

taking a leap


Recently I took part in an online course that was quite amazing.  Soul Restoration run by Melody Ross and the girls at The Brave Girls Club taught me a lot.  I haven’t yet finished each weekly class, and I will eventually…but what it did teach me was to just take a leap and do what I’m here to do!

I might come across as confident, but I guess I’m like many other artists who have that feeling of self doubt, and like many people, lack of self worth.  So I am working towards getting over that and putting my work really out there.  Really trying.

In the past couple of weeks, things are starting to look up!  I submitted several designs to an international card /stationery company that I have been wanting to submit to for about two years.  I got over the thought that they might say no.  So what if they do?  Just submit more!  As it turns out, please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.  A few of my designs are going through to a vote…..!

And keep an eye on my Facebook Page, because probably some time next week I’ll let you know a really cool place that you can go see some things I make – it’s an amazing place and I’m pinching myself that I got this opportunity!

I’ve also got some new products in development, down a track that I wanted to go about 3 years ago.  Yeah, crazy huh? 3 years of not just getting it done?!  What was I thinking!?

Anyway ~ here’s a couple of articles in current magazines that I have written that I’m really proud of ~ think I’ll put a kit together of the Utterly Dreamy lace cuff.

Jewelry Affaire Spring 2011 available here



And my trusty apron that I made for a market I was doing last year has made it into Volume 3 of Apronology!

IMG_4345 copy

I’ve been wearing it to the North Melbourne Market this year. It’s so practical!



Until next time,

Natasha xo


  1. I am so excited for you Natasha! I too have been sitting here, working on the future....sounds like things are happening for you!

  2. Yay! good for you Natasha. it is sometimes hard to believe in yourself and accept all the nice thimgs people say to you but I am glad you have used it to power on!
    So thrilled for you to have some new opportunities.
    Love the magazine articles and look forward to seeing your next exciting step.
    Kiss Noises Linda

  3. Congratulations! Fingers and toes are crossed! *yayyyy* ;)

  4. Hey, cute thing! You look adorable in that photo!! Congratulations on your latest publications.

    I know how you feel about the artist thing. Believing in yourself is the key to producing art that is inspiring and from the heart. Im so proud of you!!


  5. Awesome Natasha, I like the "so what" philosophy...takes the fear out of rejection. Off to look at Soul Restoration. Rachaelxo

  6. So happy for your success girlie!!
    Can't wait to see you SOON!!

  7. Love the apron you made for the markets, I have been thinking of making one with a homespun base and a pretty fabric for pockets (with zips) and waistband and ties. I will post about it if I get it made. then will have some for sale too.

  8. Good for you natasha! I'm glad for you. People will love your work. You are very talented! and adorable besides!

  9. Hi there,I enjoy reading through your article post, I wanted to write a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. All the best for all your blogging efforts.

  10. Congratulations!
    I know what you mean; I, too, am learning to just go ahead and take that leap! And what a ride!!
    You are such a cutie in your apron!

  11. Hip Hip Hooray!!! That is so exciting! Good for you!!! Keep us posted on all of the exciting things you have happening!!!
    Have a PRETTY day!


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