Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Want to win a custom original painting? Read this blog post! My best ever giveaway!


The long awaited relaunch of my website is coming! 

I’ve been tweaking and changing things so that it is an easier shopping experience for you on my site.  New features will include FREE SHIPPING around Australia and discounted shipping internationally!  No longer will there be troubles with the cart not being able to work out combined postage prices and the need for partial postage refunds. Gone are those days!

There will be lots of new products and some old favourites.  Pretty much a one-stop-shop that is perfect for your Christmas shopping!

And I’ve decided to add a newsletter that will be sent out with special offers only available to subscribers, news and information.

To celebrate the relaunch on November 7th 2012, I am giving you the chance to WIN a CUSTOM ORIGINAL PAINTING!  Yes, you saw right!  I’ve never offered a custom painting as a prize before, and I don’t think I ever will again.  So, if you’ve been wanting one, or need one, or would like one to give someone special for Christmas, here’s your chance to win one.

What you can win: An acrylic painting on canvas board 8 x 10” of a gown/floral painting/painting for children’s rooms/car/balloon/whatever you would like along the lines of paintings I have done in the past {with the exception of portraits or pet portraits}.  Check out my galleries here and here for some ideas.

This is valued at $125 at least. {some of my custom paintings in this size, if they are highly detailed and time consuming, cost more than this!}


How to enter: PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS, only correctly placed entries will be accepted!


1. Sign up to my newsletter on the top right of my blog sidebar, or at the bottom left side of my website on every page.  This is the only requirement for entry.  #2, 3 & 4 below are additional optional entries, and #5 is just because you’re nice!


2. For an extra entry, please share THIS PHOTO from my Facebook page. IMPORTANT*** if you are doing this, please hit the SHARE button on that exact image, that way I can see exactly who shared it, so I can add your name to the entry.  Otherwise, I don’t know who shared it!!!  {You can share from your personal AND business pages and this gives you two extra entries}.  Please note, it is a requirement to sign up to the newsletter to enter.  Facebook photo sharing is an EXTRA entry for subscribed people.


3. For another extra entry, you can blog about the relaunch celebration, and link to this specific blog post.  Please leave me a comment on this post once you have done this, so I can come say hi!


4. For another extra entry, follow me on twitter and then CLICK HERE to share on Twitter


5. If you don’t already, I’d really love it if you would come and “like” my Facebook PageThis does not give you an entry, it just gives us another way to communicate with each other if I am a bit slow in my blogging!


RELAUNCH nov 2012


Entries are open from now, until November 15th.  Remember, signing up to the newsletter is the only requirement of entry!

The winner will be drawn at random on November 15th at 8pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.  The winner will be notified by email and announced here on this blog.

Custom painting will take approximately 2 weeks after design consultation.

Open to residents of the WORLD!



Thank you for sharing!

Natasha xo


  1. Yay! Okay- I'm on this but not till after I've had another cup of coffee! :)

  2. Wow, I'm signing up! I'd love to win a custome painting for my little girl's she is getting older now and we need to upgrade her from Toddler decor to little girl! How fun. Signing up for your newsletter... best of luck in your new endeavors, too!

  3. Hi Natasha! Looking forward very much to your shop relaunch!

  4. Hi Natasha! I am looking forward to your relaunch!

  5. Congratulations on the re-launch! Can't wait to see everything. Grace xoox

  6. Waking up in Idaho now! It might just be my computer but when I click on the first "Here" for gallery pics, I see a page come up but no painting pics. I tried twice. I already know what I would want if I'm chosen but I wanted to look through your paintings anyway. The second flicker link opened just fine.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Holly, I'll go in and fix it now. I had some problems with some of the links working, and thought I had got them all, but must have missed this one! This is the link:

  7. I signed up and shared and Nov 15 is my birthday so PICK ME!! LOL. Congrats!!


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