Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bathroom door before & after

Thanks for the kind comments on the kitchen renovations in my last post!  I'm still pinching myself each day that it's really real!

Hope you're ready for another before and after.  This is one you could try at home if you're looking to make a door more interesting.  I saw some instructions in the weekend newspaper but didn't actually follow them. I just liked the end result and did it how I thought would work best for me.

It's a great way for a hoarder like me to be able to use up special antique and vintage wallpapers, and enjoy them every day in a unique way.

Our ensuite bathroom door has been needing painting for (ahem) nearly 5 years.... 

So, one night, I chose my nicest wallpapers, measured my door and worked out what size to cut the squares, cut up lots of squares and ironed them. The next day, I placed them all out on the bed to get the right colour combinations.

I started at the top, and didn't draw lines or levels. I just went by the line of the top of the door. I figured, if the door is straight, the rows will be straight. If the door is crooked, the rows of wallpaper will just follow the door and look straight regardless.

I used mod podge and did a few squares at a time.  After a while I worked out the best thing to do was seal it in with mod podge on top as I went along.

I didn't worry too much about joins not meeting exactly - there are spots where I am 1-2mm out.  And in parts, it's a little bubbled.  But I like it.

I think it made the door much cuter!

The same thing could be done with fabric, too.  A great fun project for all the fabric hoarders out there!

If covering a whole door isn't your thing, this would work as smaller squares on a cupboard in a dresser, or on a drawer front, or over a picture frame, or anywhere, really!  Or you could use circles and overlap them like fish scales.  Or irregular strips/rectangles/squares, torn edges, 

If you cover a door or make something fun with wallpaper, please show me!  Link it in the comments below and I'd love to see.

Until next time ~ which will hopefully be the bathroom before and after reveal (it's still not finished).

Natasha xo


  1. What a great idea. Looks like a quilt hanging on the wall. TFS.

  2. Very cool door Natasha!! I was stopping by hoping you could help me with something..... I've been nominated in a Martha Stewart Contest and I am needing Votes in order to Win....I was wondering if you would mind taking the time to help me out. I am also, doing a giveaway as a Thanks for your support....just visit my blog for the links! Thanks so much in advance. If you ever need anything for me...I will be glad to return the favor...just let me know!

  3. Love the door! So creative and a great way to use your lovely wallpaper. take care, maryann

  4. Absolutely amazing!! It looks so beautiful! I love your blog! I found you via pinterest :) I'm going to go browse through your other posts now!
    Jennelise xx


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